It’s time for change, not politics as usual.


The Taxpayer Bill of Rights commonly called TABOR was approved as a constitutional amendment by voters in the 1990s.  In short, it requires that taxes may not be increased by the legislature, as was provided in our first constitution in 1876, but only by a vote of the people. It mandates that if tax revenues go up due to a stronger economy or population increase, the additional money must be refunded to the people, under a somewhat arbitrary formula, unless voters decide otherwise.

On paper, TABOR sounds great, but in practice it has reduced the budgets of schools, colleges and universities, roads, and infrastructure. TABOR should not be abolished, but it must be reformed to protect the right of taxpayers to approve tax increases but still allow the elected representatives to provide for the basic necessities of our state like education, roads, and infrastructure.

As your state representative:

1.  I will work to create a consensus to place a TABOR reform measure on the ballot for voter approval. This would tweak not destroy TABOR in deference to the will of the voters. It would allow for annual adjustments in spending levels based on inflation and population for certain necessities like education, higher education, roads, infrastructure , and health care facilities like hospitals without an election.

2. I would support asking voters to make common sense adjustments in what is included in TABOR and what is exempt.