Roads and Infastructure

It’s time for change, not politics as usual.

Roads and Infrastructure

Since the passage of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) in the 1990s, Colorado has neglected its roads and other infrastructure. Our highways and arterials have not kept up with population growth. Bridges are in seriously deficient and in need of repair. Our water and sewer systems are aging and likely to fail.

As your state representative:

1. Work to put together a bi-partisan, state-wide coalition to submit reasonable proposals to the voters to provide funding for our roads, arterials,, mass transit, water, sewer and other infrastructure projects If a reasonable and fair proposal for specific projects is put before the voters, I am confident they will approve it.

2. I will support reasonable public-private partnerships where practical to build and finance road and infrastructure projects. We need to ensure that tolls are reasonable and affordable.

Detailed position

The federal and state gas tax was sufficient in the past to keep up with our infrastructure needs. However, today, the gas tax hardly pays for maintenance let alone new and wider roads. The gas tax should be increased to at least keep up with inflation, however that alone will not provide enough money to pay for decades of under-funding, population growth, and neglect.  We need to find creative solutions that the voters will support to provide funding. One idea might be to propose a series of bond issues throughout the state for specific projects, and ask voters to approve tax increases sufficient to cover the bond indebtedness–but only until the bonds are paid off, Then the tax goes away.

I will work with business, labor, and citizens across the state to find a solution to this problem.