Working Persons

It’s time for change, not politics as usual.


Working people are the backbone of our society, making every business possible. It is in our best interests as a society maintain infrastructures that support workers. 

As your State Representative:

1. I will support legislation which ensures safety in the workplace.

2. I will support injured workers through Workers Compensation. Fraud must not be tolerated, but claims should not be wrongly denied using fraud prevention as a smokescreen.

3. I will support legislation that gives workers a choice of health providers under Workers Comp.

4. I will support the right of all employees to bargain collectively with their employer without fear of retribution or intimidation. This includes public sector employees.

5. I will support legislation that rewards companies that pay good wages and provide benefits. I would oppose policies that give special tax breaks, subsidies, state contracts or protection from competition to companies which do not provide adequate compensation to their employees.

6. I will support legislation that makes sure that discrimination is eliminated from the workplace, including pay discrimination, or discrimination against women in health care benefits.

 7. I support legislation to provide all workers the right to personal leave  when they must take time off from work in order to care for a sick child, spouse or parent, to welcome a new baby, or to attend to their own illness or temporary disability without losing their job or being demoted.

8. I will support legislation to replace a portion of the pay a person loses when they must take personal leave. It could work similar to workers comp. Many workers do not have paid leave; their financial security and/or their job can be in jeopardy when they take time off. We must do this in a way that does not burden small businesses.