Voting Rights

It’s time for change, not politics as usual.


The most sacred right in our democracy is the right to vote. It must not be denied to any person who is eligible to vote. Elections, in practice and in theory, must be open to all, free from manipulation. We need more participation, not less. We have the technology to prevent fraud, and we have almost no voting fraud in reality.

As your State Representative:

1. I will support our present system for voter registration, including registration on Election Day. 

2. I will support continuation of mail-in ballots for all elections, including recalls, special elections, and primaries without the voter being required to opt-in.

3. I will support keeping the electorate enfranchised by reasonable access on Election Day.

4. I will vote to preserve current law which allows the County Clerk to register high school students as long as they will be 18 on the date of the next election.

5. I will support legislation that allows automatic registration to any student enrolled in a state institution of higher education provided that they are a U.S. citizen, Colorado resident, and otherwise entitled to vote. Anyone not wanting to be registered could opt out.

6.  I would support well-drafted legislation that would automatically register any U.S. citizen and Colorado resident 18 years of age or older when they obtain a driver’s license or register a motor vehicle–with proper identification and provided they are entitled to vote.

Republicans in the House have opposed all these laws in the past.