Renewable Energy

It’s time for change, not politics as usual.


 As your State Representative:

1.  I will vote to preserve the renewable energy standard (RES) that requires utilities to purchase 30 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2020. The cost of solar energy has dropped significantly since the Colorado RES was adopted. Colorado must follow California’s lead and increase the RES. I propose raising it to 40 percent over five years.

2.  I will oppose any efforts to roll back SB 13-252.

3. I will work to create policies which will ensure that state-owned or state-funded buildings generate as much electricity as possible from wind or solar. The state must incentivize all school districts to switch to solar or wind as well. This will save taxpayers money over the long-term, it will create jobs in Colorado in the wind and solar industries, and it will eliminate millions of tons of carbon being dumped into the atmosphere.

4. I will work to convert our state vehicle fleet to either natural gas or electric vehicles, wherever practical. We must to work with private businesses to develop a system of electric charging stations around the state, powered by wind or solar to the greatest extent possible.

5. I will encourage renewable energy manufacturers to expand in Colorado and open new facilities.

 Detailed position

Colorado is a national leader in renewable energy. We are blessed with abundant sunshine and wind. We must use these resources to generate clean energy. We must reduce carbon pollution to slow down the warming of the seas and earth that are changing our climate.

It is important for our environment that we phase out of coal-fired power plants and transition to renewable energy cleaner natural gas. We must find creative ways to re-train workers employed in Colorado’s coal industry whose jobs may be jeopardized by such a phase-out. They must be active participants in the transition to a cleaner environment.