Job Creation

It’s time for change, not politics as usual.


Job creation is one of the most important things a state government can do. Good paying jobs are essential for citizens to enjoy a good quality of life. Strong employment is necessary for our economy.

 As your State Representative:

1.  I will support programs that are working to bring new jobs to the state I will work on new ideas, legislation and programs to attract more industries to Colorado and to help the ones that are here to grow and hire more workers.

2.  I will work to make sure that Colorado remains one of the top states for jobs in the new renewable energy economy. We have attracted wind turbine manufacturers to the state. We need to do more to attract all renewable energy companies to Colorado. 

3.  I will support legislation to keep jobs in Colorado. We must help Colorado businesses market their goods and services around the nation and the world.

4. I will support jobs by giving Colorado businesses a preference when it comes to awarding contracts for goods and services.

In my career, businesses I either ran or owned created more than 300 direct jobs, and 2,500 second-tier jobs (working for sub-contractors I hired). I have experience in job creation.