It’s time for change, not politics as usual.


Our Founding Fathers provided for a system of free public schools for everyone. They recognized how crucial education is for a free society. This educational system is a primary reason that the United States has been the industrial leader in the world, and why, at least until recently, we had the strongest middle class in the world. 

As your State Representative:

1. I will make sure that education from preschool through college is a priority of the state legislature and that every child in Colorado has the same opportunity for a quality education.

2. I will support our public school system and fight all efforts to cut the quality of public education in order to subsidize private schools.

3. I will work to find the financing we need for education in a post TABOR world. We must increase funding to our schools.

4.  I will support programs for early childhood education. When we get children into school early in life, they do better through their entire educational career.

5.  I will support programs aimed at reducing drop-out rates.

6.  I will support programs to prevent bullying in schools and to provide adequate counseling for the victims and perpetrators of bullying, including cyber bullying.

7.  I will fight cuts to school nutrition programs.

8.  I will work to ensure that students with special needs, including English as a Second Language, and students with disabilities, get adequate funding and support.

9.  I will support efforts to upgrade aging facilities in districts throughout the state.