Consumer Protection

It’s time for change, not politics as usual.


Colorado must ensure that consumer protection laws are adequate to protect our citizens from scams and rip-offs. In addition, we must ensure that these laws are being enforced.

Short answer: As your State Representative:

1.  I will always be an advocate for consumers, particularly seniors.

2.  I will work to make sure that consumer protection laws are being enforced.

3.  I will make sure that businesses that are now regulated by the state remain regulated. We need to make sure the regulations protect the public and the consumer, but that they are not written in such a way that they actually hurt small businesses and thus are not enforced. 

3. I will oppose all legislation that allows predatory lending that hurts the military, and those who are having financial difficulties.

Detailed position

In a perfect world, government should not be involved in regulating business practices. The free market would take care of problems. This is not a perfect world–except for those who have lobbyists and make big campaign contributions to protect them from a truly free market. That is why, for the public good, regulation are sometimes necessary.

It is a legitimate role of government to make sure that consumers are not being ripped off by lenders, manufacturers, retailers, unscrupulous professionals, or even each other. Over-regulation is self-defeating because it often hurts the honest business person but lets the bad apples thrive. But, we when necessary, it is the role of the state to protect consumers.