It’s time for change, not politics as usual.


Short Answer:  As your State Representative:

1.  I will not use my position in the legislature to punish children for the actions or shortcomings of their parents which means that children come first.

2.  I recognize that some children come from bad family situations, for one reason or another, and these children need special help from the state. I will work to get them that help.

3.  I will support programs to make sure all children not only have enough to eat, but that what they eat is nutritious and healthy. That means doing things like banning Trans Fats from school lunches; reducing fats and sugar in school lunches; labeling GMOs so parents know what they are feeding their children.

4. I will support programs to improve the health of children, such as immunizations and access to health care.

5.  I will support programs to deal with juvenile delinquency, gangs, and other issues that harm the future for a child.

6.  I will support programs that encourage children to read. I will work hard for early childhood education.

7. I will support legislation granting all parents the right to a temporary leave to care for a sick child without jeopardizing their job. I will work for legislation replacing at least a portion of lost wages for such leave.

Detailed Position

Our children are our future. We must do everything we can to provide children with the best opportunities for their future. We must realize that although all children are created equal, not all children enjoy the same standard of living and the same opportunities. We owe all children of Colorado an opportunity to succeed.

Studies show that early childhood education greatly improves the chances that a child will do well throughout their school years, and it increases the likelihood they will graduate high school and go on to college. We must make sure every child has a chance for early education.