It’s time for change, not politics as usual.


Here is a short comparison of my position on issues and my opponents. Since I can not determine their positions, I am just stating the historical position of Republicans in the House of Representatives. Once I learn Ms. Beckman’s or Mr. Williams positions, I’ll update this.

Below, find my position on various issues.

   Robert Bowen        Likely Republican opponent’s position
Living Wage Supports increase  House Republicans killed that bill in 2015
Equal pay for equal work, child care Supports Republicans have killed bills on equal pay, increased child care, and parental leave.
GMO labeling Supports House Republicans generally oppose GMO labeling
K-12 & higher education Supports increased funding House Republicans have consistently voted against increased funding for K-12 at levels needed.
Renewable energy Supports House Republicans consistently vote against renewable energy by trying to repeal Renewable Energy Standards.
Fracking Supports  regulation House Republicans oppose more regulation on fracking saying it is over-regulated now.
Second amendment Supports current laws House Republicans want to repeal the background check and other laws passed after the Aurora theater murders.
Children and families I will support children House Republicans often vote against bills benefiting children.
Women’s issues Supports legislation to improve women’s lives House Republicans have killed or opposed legislation designed to help working women.
Protecting our right to vote Supports legislation which makes voting accessible House Republicans voted for voter suppression laws on various levels and oppose mail-in ballots, same-day registration, and automatic-registration for college students or at motor vehicle .
Protecting rights of the “Dreamers” Supports House Republicans voted against in-state tuition for”Dreamers” and many advocate deportation of Dreamers.

Living Wage

No one who works full-time should live in poverty. The current minimum wage has not kept up with increases in the cost of living. In calculating adjustments, we should factor in the cost of food, healthcare, and gasoline in Colorado as well, as well as using the CPI. To keep people out of poverty, wages must keep up with real costs of living….More

Equal Pay for Equal Work

On average, women across America earn 78 cents for every dollar a man earns when doing the same job. Discrimination persists even though John F. Kennedy signed equal pay legislation in 1963. Older women on Social Security often receive smaller payments each month than men because their lifetime earnings are substantially less. Underpaying women by 22 percent drags the economy down — the national economy and Colorado’s….More

Affordable Child Care

The high cost of child care contributes to wage inequity because it prevents many mothers from accepting higher paying jobs…More

Small Business

Because I owned small businesses most of my life, I understand the issues facing small business owners. As a State Representative from 1982-1989 I served on the Business Affairs and Labor Committee, four years as ranking member. I was endorsed by both business and labor….More

Working Persons

Working people are the backbone of our society, making every business possible. Workers grow our food, deliver it to market. They build our homes, construct and maintain the highways, teach our children, care for us when we are sick, fight fires, and protect us from crime….More

Renewable Energy

Colorado is a national leader in renewable energy. We are blessed with abundant sunshine and wind. We must use these resources to generate clean energy. We must reduce carbon pollution to slow down the warming of the seas and earth that are changing our climate….More

GMO Labeling

Protecting the health of our citizens is a fundamental responsibility of a state representative. Although government should not make health choices for citizens, it must ensure that citizens have access to information they need to make informed choices….More

Voting Rights

The most sacred right in our democracy is the right to vote. It must not be denied to any person who is eligible to vote. Elections, in practice and in theory, must be open to all, free from manipulation….More


Natural gas is beneficial to Colorado’s economy and important for the national security of the United States. Fracking, if done properly, is a cost-effective way of providing natural gas and oil. It is neither realistic nor good policy to advocate a total ban on fracking. A total ban on fracking requires compensating the owners of the mineral rights. The State does not have enough money to do that….More

Second Amendment

As are most Coloradans, I am extremely concerned about the growing number of gun deaths in our state — deaths by murder, suicide, and accidental shootings. How many must die? How many children must we bury? How many grieving mothers and fathers must we comfort before we stop this insanity?…More

Women’s Health

My positions on Pay Equity and Child Care benefit everyone, but they most directly apply to women. The same is true regarding my goals for Seniors. Because women comprise half the population, every issue is a woman’s issue….More

Mental Health

Mental illness probably touches as many households as cancer, but it is often not diagnosed and treated. Mental illness and addiction can tear a family apart. Yet, we do not treat mental illness with the same vigor that we treat cancer or heart disease. Despite the heroic and under-appreciated work of our mental health professionals, the system is a failure….More

Education and K-12 Schools

Our Founding Fathers provided for a system of free public schools for everyone. They recognized how crucial education is for a free society. This educational system is a primary reason that the United States has been the industrial leader in the world, and why, at least until recently, we had the strongest middle class in the world….More


Our children are our future. We must do everything we can to provide children with the best opportunities for their future. We must realize that although all children are created equal, not all children enjoy the same standard of living and the same opportunities. We owe all children of Colorado an opportunity to succeed….More

Job Creation

Job creation is one of the most important things a state government can do. Good paying jobs are essential for citizens to enjoy a good quality of life. Strong employment is necessary for our economy….More

Consumer Protection

Colorado must ensure that consumer protection laws are adequate to protect our citizens from scams and rip-offs. In addition, we must ensure that these laws are being enforced….More


As a retired person myself, I understand and experience the problems facing older citizens. Because I will advocate for seniors, the Colorado Alliance of Retired Americans endorsed me. I will work tirelessly to make sure that seniors receive the respect and dignity we deserve in our golden years….More

Tax Increment Financing

Tax increment financing (TIF) was established by the legislature in the 1970s as an innovative way to finance infrastructure—roads, water, sewer and other improvements necessary for development in ski towns and other locations. Unfortunately, this mechanism has been abused by some Urban Renewal Authorities in Colorado…More