Higher Education

It’s time for change, not politics as usual.

 As your state representative I will:

1. Work to put a reasonable proposal before the voters to fix this lack of funding for higher education. It must be put together in a way that will insure that voters will understand it and agree. This will require a strong state-wide coalition.

2.  I will make sure that our institutions work hard to eliminate waste and unnecessary duplication.

3. I will work for legislation to reduce student loan debt, and work to get Congress to reduce student loan interest. The government should not make money off the backs of students and their parents.

Detailed position

Education beyond high school is becoming a necessity in today’s competitive global economy. Two or four years of college are as essential today as a high school education was 50 years ago. We shortchange our children if we do not make college affordable and not saddle them with high-interest debt the rest of their lives.

A few decades ago, state funding paid about 70% of the cost of a student’s education. Tuition made up the rest. Today, the state provides just over a third of the cost and the other two thirds comes from the student in tuition and fees. It seems we should stop calling them state-funded institutions and call them what they are–student funded institutions. TABOR is mostly responsible for this deplorable situation.

The result of shifting the burden from the state onto the students and their parents is that tuition costs have skyrocketed and so has student debt. This is not right, nor is it sustainable. We must fund higher education at much higher levels.