Climate Change

It’s time for change, not politics as usual.


As your state representative I will work to mitigate the effects of climate change by:

1.  Protecting and expanding our Renewable Energy Standard which requires utilities to use renewable energy for twenty percent of their electric generation. This needs to be gradually increased to at least 40 percent over the next 5 years.

2. Ensuring that the state does more to increase solar and wind generation in Colorado.

3.  Phasing out coal-fired power plants and replace them with renewable energy.

 Detailed position

I studied science in high school and college but I am not a scientist. For that reason, I listen to scientists, not the spokespersons for the fossil fuel industry. Over 93% of all scientists, say that the earth is warming; it is changing our climate; and man is largely responsible. They say this based on years of peer reviewed studies. Scientists also tell us that we must act to reverse this or much of the planet could become uninhabitable in the not-so-distant future.

Colorado must do everything it can to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. We must do this in a  responsible way, but to say we can’t do this is not responsible nor acceptable. We owe  it to our children and grandchildren to fix what we messed up. If we get serious about fixing this, we will also produce thousands of good paying jobs for Coloradans.

See my Renewable Energy page for more information.