District 38

It’s time for change, not politics as usual.

What I believe…

I believe that we are fortunate to live in  Colorado and we must always protect our air, water, open space, and beauty.

I believe in business, entrepreneurship, and innovation. But, I do not believe in monopolies or corporate welfare that give an unfair advantage over small businesses. I believe no one who works full time should live in poverty, and women should make the same pay for the same work.

I do not believe that government can solve all problems or do everything better than the people can. Government exists to provide for the common good. When individuals or society can’t or won’t provide for the common good equally, then government must step in. I believe government should be as small as possible so long as it provides for the common good.

I believe our political system is rigged because of special interest money in politics and unfettered lobbying. Special interests only give money to candidates to get something in return.

I will run a clean campaign without name calling, and I will not attack my opponents over the size of their hands or ears, their personal lives, or attack their spouses or children.

My values…

I am a Catholic and weekly church-goer. My religion is very important in my life and has sustained me during some very sad and dark hours. I respect people of all religions, however, as well as those who have no religion. I do not believe that an individual or government should impose any religious belief on the people. I believe all persons are created equal and must enjoy equal rights throughout their life without discrimination.

 My Record…

Go to the About page to see specifics about my legislative record.

You have a choice…

District 38 was designed to be a safe Republican seat. Nevertheless, voters have a choice. My website contains specific information about my background and detailed information on how I stand on many issues. My opponents have far more pictures than I do and fewer specific statements on issues.  I invite you to look at my positions, then visit the website of each of my opponents and compare (click on their names to go to their websites).

Susan Beckman 
Mike  Williams  

My Platform

Click on a specific issue listed below to see my position on that issue or on the “Issues” tab above . Then compare that to my opponents’ positions– if they tell you.

Child Care
Climate Change/Enviornment
Consumer Protection
Equal Pay
GMO Labelling
Higher Education
Job Creation
K-12 Education
Living Wage
Mental Health
Renewable Energy
Roads and Infrastructure
Second Amendment
Small Business
TIF/Urban Renewal
Voting Rights
Women’s Health
Working Persons


Campaigns cost money. I do not accept special interest money. I rely on small individual donations from $5 up to a maximum of $100 per individual for the primary and for general even though $400 is allowed. Please help get our message out. You can use the Donate button to contribute. Or, you can send a check made payable to Bowen for Colorado and mail to 7110 S. Gaylord St. L-8, Centennial, CO 80122. Thank you.


Dist. 38 Democratic Pot Luck Dinner/Meeting

Saturday June 4;  11:00 AM  Prince of Peace Church, 7000 S. Windermere, Littleton, CO;  Open to all Dems. State Senator Morgan Carroll, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Dist. 6 is the featured speaker.

Meet Morgan Carroll

Sunday June 12 5:00 pm. 6281 S. Cedar St. Littleton, CO  Home of Betty Harris and Ray Flesher

Justice for Janitors

Rally to support increasing the minimum wage. Wednesday June 15th. 11:00 am; Skyline Park, 18th St.  & Arapahoe St. Denver

 House Party Precinct 176

Home of Mary Navin 2984 W Long Dr Unit C, Littleton. Friday June 17th  7:00 pm


Yard Signs

Our yard signs are in. If you would be willing to put one in your yard, contact us at phone and email on the contact us link. Or, you can pick one up at 6281 S. Cedar St. Littleton, home of Betty Harris and Ray Flesher.

Check out the articles about the campaign in the newspapers.




I am happy to be endorsed by Colorado Ceasefire and Progressive Students of Auraria,

Testimony At Capitol

I testified in a State Senate Committee on March 24th  in support of two bills. One would allow residents to collect rainwater from their roof  (up to two 55 gallon barrels at a time) and use it on their lawns and gardens. The other bill will require that the annual report to the legislature on climate change use available science to reduce carbon  emissions and preparing the state for the effects of climate change. Unfortunately, neither bill was given a vote by the committee chairman. 
House District 38 Dems

Check out the HD 38 Dems website for all the latest information for the district.


District 38 includes: Littleton, Centennial, Bow Mar, & Columbine Valley